Harry Frees published stories illustrated by his unique animal photography in "Woman's World" magazines in the 1930s. Some of he articles were serial-style, published in consecutive issues and others were Holiday theme oriented. Some titles include:
  • "Tales of Animal Isle"
  • "The People of Petland"
  • "The Stolen Easter Rabbit"
  • "The Cruise of the Jolly Roger"
  • "Tabby's Hunt for Treasure"
  • "It's Christmas Eve in Merry Petland
  • "The Adventure of Princess Bonny"
  • "The Fairy Godmother"
  • "Grandma's Secret"
  • "Peter Purr's Prank"
In the December 1932 issue of Woman's World, subscribers could renew their subscriptions and receive five free Harry Whittier Frees books. A three year renewal cost $1.40! The books were guaranteed to make "little folks eyes sparkle on Chrismas Morning". The books are printed on heavy bristol board stock in brilliant colors. Size of books is 10 by 6 1/2 inches. The stories are set in large easily read type and eighty wonderful photographs of animal pet illustrate the text.
Mr. Frees also published in "Child Life" magazines, which were published by Rand McNally and Co. Articles I have found so far:
"Kitten Valentines", February 1936. Pictures of kittens were featured along with sample Valentine greetings. The intent was for the child to make a homemade Valentine by cutting out the picture, pasting it on paper, and writing in the greeting.
"Easter Cards", April 1936. A two-page spread of bunny pictures, designed to be traced to make Easter greeting cards.
Harry Whittier Frees' images were also used in advertising. A 28-page booklet titled "Restful Sleep" was made by the Utica and Mohawk Cotton Mills, Inc., in 1935. The first five pages of the booklet follow "Snowy" the cat through the process of buying new sheets, laundering and ironing (!) them, and finally demonstrating the proper way to make a bed.
The Dairymen's League Co-operative Association (a trade organization) used the following picture, titled "Kittens' Party", in an 8 X 10 linen-type format. I'm assuming this was some sort of promotional material similar to the current "Got Milk" advertising campaign.
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