Harry Frees began his career as a photographer at the turn of the century. At that time, picture postcards were a new concept and were gaining in popularity. His animal photographs were perfect for this new medium and they decorated the pages of calendars as well. He was hired by The Rotograph Company of New York to photograph animals for their postcards: cats and kittens; dogs and puppies; chicks and ducks. During his tenure with Rotograph, he began adding simple props to his pictures as well as an accessory here and there ~~ a bonnet or hat; a scarf or a shawl. During this early period of Mr. Frees' career, Rotary Photo also published his work on postcards. Rags, his cat, was a favorite early model as was Fluff the Angora kitten.
Frees photos are also featured on postcards published by:
  • H.B. London, E.C.1

  • A.J.B.

  • Regent Publishing Co.

  • Token/Tokim Charles F. Kimble Ltd (England)

  • A. Mason & Co., Ltd (England)

  • Kissemis Serien (Dutch?)

  • Fratelli Diena Torino (Italy)

  • Rembrandt (Dutch)

  • ABC (Swiss)

  • Axel (Sweden)

  • Regent (London)

  • R.E.B. (Dutch)

  • Supra (Dutch)

The Rotograph Co., NY.....These are some of Frees' earliest photos.

The Manning Publishing Co., Chicago (Genuine Frees Animal Series)

The Nyce Manufacturing Co., PA (Genuine Frees Animal Series)

Kute Kat Komics, #312
Fishing Comics #313

Mason's Alpha, London

Unknown Dutch Publisher

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